Small Master Bedroom Design

Adding Beach House Touch to Master Bedroom Design

Master bedroom designs – Do you love sea? Do you spend most of your summer in beach? Either swimming, or just enjoying the scenery and watching people around you. Summer feeling is very hard to forget to be sure. Some people even try to recapture their summer memory by pictures, video, and some small souvenirs from remarkable summer story. But wait, instead of keeping the memory who don’t your bring the whole beach as your master bedroom design?

Sea breeze in master bedroom designs

Taking the whole beach to your master bedroom design? You can start by making sure you have wooden floor and wall, also wooden roof with ceiling you stick some glow – in – the – dark stars and moon to give you pleasant feeling to sleeping outside the room. Second ones, paint your wall and some wooden simple cabinets and wardrobe with white color. With this white color you can add small additional paint like a sea view, some bees and flowers and coconut trees. If you have bed with curtain it will be even better because the curtain bed will add more feeling of beach to your room.

Decoration for beach master bedroom

For more feeling of sea breeze in your room, make sure you have big window from where you can have clear sunlight in the morning reminds you of the sun from summer hurting your eyes every morning. After that you can manage to have super soft wool carpet right in front of your bed facing with the fake fireplace, or in more modern style, television. After that curtain for the window, pick one pastel color like light blue or very soft baby pink with some ornaments of bees, some butterflies, and star fish. last but not the least is the sleeping lamp with star engraving on its outer side. Happy summer everyday with your beach master bedroom design!

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