Patio Covers And Designs

Covered Patio Designs for Mediterranean Houses

Covered patio designs might be your preferences in building a patio in your Mediterranean house. Covered patio is really interesting and helpful. It could be your place to relax and release the stress. Also, it could be a place to gather you’re your family members, or welcome the guests. Mediterranean house is one of the most common house styles in this era, and it brings the Mediterranean style that seems very cozy and elegant.

Considering Covered Patio Designs

There should be many considerations in constructing the covered patio. First, you need to decide whether the patio is connected with the house or not. Then, you need to choose the material of its roof. You could choose the same roof as your house, or you may choose the wooden, plastic, or iron. After that, the floor material is an important consideration. In Mediterranean, it is commonly marble, or another kind of rock. However, it is fine if you will use the wood or ceramics.

Mediterranean Patio Planting

Plants are commonly related to patios, because many people grow plants around the patio to add the cozy nuance. For the Mediterranean, whatever you are going to plant, you just need to pick the suitable plant pots. The rock or ceramic pot will be nice for Mediterranean style.

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