Tuscan Style Home Decor

Everything You Need to Know for Tuscan Home Decor

Tuscan home decor, if you think about decorating your home with this kind of decor, then nature is the key for any part of your home decoration from the color that you choose, furniture that you place, to something detail like its accessories. Let say that you still have no idea about Tuscan decor, you can think about rustic style. Indeed, both two are different cases, but in certain way Tuscan has rustic element on it. Therefore, you can rely on it for the starter. Oh, one more, if you don’t want to ruin your Tuscan decor, avoid any contemporary or modern element from your decoration list.

Furnishing and Color Guides for Tuscan Home Decor

To furnish your home with Tuscan decor, it is pivotal to know such a furniture that has Tuscan feel on it. Wood and metal are commonly picked material to construct Tuscan furniture. Lean to choose wood as your furniture, then dark or warm color furniture is suggested. It is way better if it has vintage charm on it. Whilst, for metal, the options will be like antique copper, bronze, mocha, dark and some others. When it comes to color, you can choose such a color under earthy color category like beige, gold, golden yellow, sage, cypress, and so on.

Some Other Tips to Decor a Tuscan Home

Sometimes, in order to add more inviting look to your Tuscan furniture, you can combine two distinctive materials like ceramic, slate, or stone. You can treat those previously mentioned materials as the countertop of that Tuscan furniture that you select. To shape a nice look for your wall, you can hang metal wall scones. Too, you can put a scenery of Italy that is displayed through tapestry, mural, or canvas. Lastly, bear in mind that although Tuscan furnishing can declare perfectly Tuscan-themed, but don’t suffocate your home with too many Tuscan Furnishing.

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