Living Room Color Schemes

Living Room Color Schemes for Vintage House

Living room color schemes are pretty important to consider, because living room is an important place of a house. Living room is the place where you could gather with your family and share the time, stories, and laughter. How the living room looks like can be the most important decoration you have to do. Furthermore, its color is also significant, because it shows what kind of nuance it will bring. For vintage house, it is very different with the color of common houses, because this style is very unique.

What Color should be Chosen for Vintage Living Room Color Schemes?

In choosing the color of vintage living room, it requires more than 3 colors commonly. It needs many combinations that are going to make the living room seems cute. Vintage which brings the classic and retro colors, always needs pale color. White is the most often color that is used for vintage décor. For instance, you could combine pale light green, white, and pale brown.

Vintage Living Room Wall Décor

For decorating vintage living room wall it needs extra ordinary things that you do not usually use in decorating houses. First, you could put the old painting, with pale frame. Then, you could put old school wall stickers that are matching with the wall color. Furthermore, you could also stick plenty of flowers which have bpreserved on the wall.

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