Childrens Purple Bedroom Ideas

Lilac and Purple Bedroom Ideas

Purple bedroom ideas – are very suitable to be applied for teenage girls’ bedroom. The romantic and sweet nuances are suitable for bold character of each girl. Purple is also the top choice of interior designers as they design a special room for the girls. Purple is also an alternative choice for the girls who are bored with the pink and red. In 2014, the designers try to create a room that is decorated like a paradise. Although the decorations are expensive, the results will be very satisfactory and can make any girl feel like a fairy while sleeping or spending the time in their bedroom. Do not choose the dark purple; it will be better if you choose a lighter and matching color combinations.

The Sweetest Purple Bedroom Ideas

Purple will be very pretty when combined with floral accents. It is also possible to be combined with other calm pastel colors. You can choose the white wool rug with colorful floral motifs or conversely, you can choose the motifs as wallpaper that adorns your purple walls. For lighting, please use the eccentric lights and in accordance with your desires. For example, you can use two large lanterns in blue and tale colors on the ceilings. Do not forget to add a desk and bedroom cabinet next to the bed. You may place the desk facing directly out of the windows.

Lilac Decorations

Lilac or light purple is more suitable for teenagers than dark purple. It is very light and fit for cheerful and feminine young girls. You can also add wall stickers or wall decals in some parts of the walls so that the atmosphere is not boring. To create a fresh atmosphere, provide fresh flower in a vase. You could place it on the desk or nightstand as the sweetest ornaments.

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