Small Ranch House Designs

Ranch House Designs for Beautiful Countryside

Ranch house designs is a design house that is usually used in rural areas for the owners of the farm. Usually the house stands in a large area with a large yard was also filled with trees heavy with several kinds of flowers. This farm houses, typically made of mostly wood and partly using bricks. The house has many windows and usually have a terrace house there are lounge chairs. This house has a spacious backyard with a cage contained animal enclosures such as cowsheds, horses, chickens, goats, and sheep.

Minimalist style ranch house designs

Farm house which has a minimalist style usually use gray tile, with wooden walls painted white or gray. Around the house planted the bush relationship. The floor also houses made of wood so that the house remains cool inside. Usually this farm house has a chimney which connects a fireplace inside the home. Behind the house, a few stables for livestock have been provided. Preparation of chicken coops cages usually located at the back of a fence around the farm. Then a puddle used as a pigsty, for cattle and sheep are usually separate from the pigsty.

Modern style ranch house

If a farm house wearing a modern style, it is identical to the color of wood brown or like the original color of the wood. Can also use the wall-shaped red brick with windows and doors made of wood, painted white. Tile black or dark gray. This house has a lot of light to give the impression of elegance. For a page, the concept is not much different from the concept of minimalism. Spacious yard with several park benches placed in the corner or the middle of the front yard with combined with a fountain and a statue placed in the middle of the fountain.

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