Covered Patio Color Ideas

Screened Covered Patio Ideas

Covered patio ideas may be something you need to consider in constructing patio. Patio is very attractive thing to build for your house. It does not only adorn the house, but it also can be a useful place. Of course, there are a lot of activities that you could do in the patio, such as, reading newspaper, welcoming your guests, and many more. Patio which is covered is pretty common in society. It is quite different with the opened patio, because it seems like a shelter. The screened covered patios are also famous, because it adds more function to keep away from the rain and wind.

Building Screened Covered Patio Ideas

In building patio, you need to determine whether it will be attached or detached with the house. Detached patio means that the patio will be placed separately with the house. Then, you need to determine the budget plan. After that you could decide what kind of material that you will use to build the patio. Wood is the most common material that people use to build patios. About the screen, you could choose the materials, such as, glass, plastic, or wires.

Laser Light Patio

This kind of patio is quite different than the usual covered patio, because it is covered with laser light that is made of transparent thick plastic glass. This is very useful for you who need more sunlight inside the patio.

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