Zebra And Cheetah Nail Designs

Super Cute Cheetah Nail Designs You Can Try at Home

Cheetah nail designs are one from some animal print nail design that becomes so popular nowadays. Perhaps, it is because its simplicity which makes anyone can try this one even without professional assistance. Indeed, in the way to perfectly design your nail with cheetah pattern, you need some practices, but it won’t take that long for you to master cheetah pattern. Designing yourself a cheetah nail, ensure that you have any necessary things such as nail coat and some nail colors that you prefer. Also, remember to clean your nails thoroughly.

Preparation for Cheetah Nail Designs

Before you start the design, there are some preparations you need to know. First, you can’t start the work without cleaning the nails. Once it’s completely dried, apply base coat. Though this is an optional thing, but for the best result, you better not skip this one as it makes the nail polish stays longer on your nail. Pick about three colors afterward.The colors can be any colors that you want, but if you prefer cheetah original color, then it will be gold, black, and nude.

How to Design Cheetah Nail

Add nude color as the first color, and let it to dry before you apply the second color. While waiting, ensure that you already prepare nail dotting tool with different sizes on its tips or if you don’t have one, bobby pin will work. Pour gold as your second color to a plastic surface. Grab nail dotting tool to it, then put it to your nail. Rather than make it round, try to design it oval. Finish with it, you can apply the last color which is black. Do the same thing, but now you better use a smaller tip nail dotting. For its design, draw parentheses around the oval shape. Layer it with clear coat after  adding small C’s into your nail design.

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