Christmas Door Decorations Dorm

The Attractive Christmas Door Decorations

Christmas door décor can be something nice to have in Christmas day, especially if you know how to make the unique looking one. If you are looking for some nice decoration for the front door in Christmas day, then some of these ideas might be able to help you get the best looking one for your house.

Stuck Santa as Christmas Door Decorations

The first idea that you can try is the stuck Santa. You do not need anything special, just the lower part of a mannequin that you dressed like big bottom of Santa, of course with the red pants with the white accent on the lower part of the pant. After that, you just need to attach it to the lower part of the door, where your cat or dog usually passes through. That will give the sense that Santa is stuck when trying to get inside through that small door.

3D Fireplace Door Decoration for Christmas

Another nice idea that you can try is the 3D effect of a fireplace. You just need to make the kind of fireplace on your front door with the details such as the socks, the fire, the woods and many other things to make it looks realistic. For your information, this kind of décor requires attention to the detail.

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