Patio Door Curtains And Blinds Ideas

The Function and Models of Patio Door Curtains

Patio door curtains are the way to give a privacy for the inside part of the house. When you feel too much light the curtain also can easily protecting you from the lights, when the night is coming it is able to protect from the stalker or else.

Models of patio door curtains

There are two basic models in door curtain they are sliding curtain and French curtain. If you choose sliding curtain it will be more flexible for you whether you want to open it or close it because the installation will be on the upper of the door so it will not affect the door at all. The second is the model that tied on the center so; it is not very flexible because the installation is on the door.

Match the curtain with the door

If your door window is made from a few cells of window you better choose sliding curtain because it is more appropriate to use this model than the other models. If your door windows made from a wide part of glass you can use a model which is tied in the center or the other model also suitable for this door model

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