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The Pros and Cons of Accordion Closet Doors

Accordion Closet Doors also usually called as folding door are not a new invention in the world of interior design and architecture world. But today as the minimalist housing concept is becoming a trend, the folding door becomes one of the best options to help separating some spaces in a room.

The Advantages of Accordion Closet Doors

The accordion doors can be used in a wide variety of additional applications but usually functioned as closet or pantry doors. Some benefits that you can get when install the accordion door as your closet door are this kind of door take up not too much floor space when opened because this folding doors are hinged, that makes the accordion doors are really functional for small rooms like closet. Besides, the basic materials of this door are various from woods, metals and even glasses can be made as the folding doors so you can choose the prices range of the door.

The Disadvantages of Accordion Doors

But you will get some difficulties when installing this functional house application. You should really accurately calculate the placement of the track, hinges and pivots so the doors can open smoothly and not stuck while being opened. Those are kind of difficult tasks for a closet door.

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