Unique Tie Dye Designs

Tie Dye Designs: T-Shirt, Bag, and Painting

Tie dye designs can be made for t-shirt, bag, and also painting. For the first explanation is tie dye for t-shirt. This is the mostly used media for this design. This design becomes a trend since the reggae music trend. In other word, this design is identic with reggae music. This design has rainbow color. However, the rainbow is not half round again. This design has round rainbow for the design. For t-shirt, there are some people who use it. You need to have white t-shirt for making this design. After that, you can paint the entire shirt by using round rainbow patter. You should use the rainbow color also for the pattern.

Tie dye designs for bag

Besides this design is used for t-shirt, this design is also used for bag. How to make bag with this design? There are some steps for making this design. For the first, you need to have white bag. There should be no pattern on the bag. In other word, you need to choose plain white bag. Then, you need to make the pattern first. This will make you are easier in painting the bag. For the last, you need to paint the bad. You can use the same paint with t-shirt.

Tie dye for painting

For the last explanation is tie dye for painting. This may be easier than the two previous designs. This means that you do not need to use special paint. You can use any paint for the painting. For the first, you need to draw a pattern. The pattern should be made like a round. However, you need to add the effect in the side of the round. After that, you can paint the canvas. If you are a pro for painting, you do not need to have pattern. You can use the paint directly.

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