Acid Stained Concrete Patio

Tips to Staining Concrete Patio

Staining Concrete Patio is one important thing to maintain the adorable look of your exterior design. Having a wonderful patio that gives the comforts for the house owners and the guests is one of the dreams of many people. You do not need to get mad with the full booked restaurants to celebrate your special day anymore because you can simply host the celebration in your cozy patio.

How to Staining Concrete Patio

The first step is starting by cleaning your patio concrete thoroughly with a concrete etcher, when you are doing this step you need to be sure to wear the protective clothe, rubber gloves and goggles because the acid contains chemicals potions. When the surface is dry then you need to apply a stain that is made especially for concrete and you can use a brush or outwear toothbrush for the edges and a roller that usually used to paint walls for larger areas. After the stain has dried in several hours, apply a concrete sealer to give the surface finished look and protect it from dirt.

Make Your Concrete Patio More Adorable in Multicolor

You can also apply the multicolor stain to your patio with the multi-colored semi-transparent stain style. You can easily look up for some brands that are available for your multicolor concrete patio, these costs around $33.00 per can. It will cover between 250-400 square feet. You will need to apply the stain with a pressurized canister with spray nozzle, the time you need is approximately 4-8 hours.

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