Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Designer

Tommy Hilfiger Designer for American Pop Culture Style

Tommy Hilfiger designer for American Pop Culture style has nothing to worry about how his collection would be accepted by public. 1700 associated network and more than 1400 retail stores all over the world throughout America, Latin America, and Europe. Not to mention the high market in Asian and Pacific. That is pretty clear that Tommy Hilfiger’s design is accepted worldwide.

Idea for Tommy Hilfiger Design

Taking the creative idea from long lasting pop culture of American, Tommy Hilfiger designer of high end style didn’t waste any time to launch his very own modern bold marketing campaign. Start from shoes, eyewear, fragrance, home furnishing, and watch. His idea is always fresh and up – to – date, which make it favorable by the fashion lover. His most memorable campaign was in 2007 collaborated with George Lois in the ad book entitled Iconic America: A Roller-Coaster Ride through the Eye-Popping Panorama of American Pop Culture that captures at least 400 iconic images of America, which most of it taken in New York.

How Tommy Hilfigers design changes the world

How one person can change the whole world is not only a phrase in politics, but also in fashion. Tommy Hilfiger designer of high end pop culture of American proves that by spreading his American pop to whole world. Combination of his creative ideas and amazing campaign ad by combining music and fashion as his very “traditional” style in ad campaign, he is successfully put the patronage of American fashion lining.

Beside his great achievement, Tommy Hilfiger also a philanthropist as he always contribute in some foundation like Breast Health International, National Memorial Project Foundation, Millennium Promise and has his own The Tommy Hilfiger Group.

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