Bellasoleil Tuscan Home Decor

Tuscan Home Décor in Modern Design

Tuscan home décor can be considered as one décor that is usually used for the classic looking Tuscan. That might be true, but that does not mean that you cannot find the modern Tuscan décor that you can use for the house. That is because nowadays you can find some Tuscan décor that will fit your modern looking house.

Rugs as Tuscan Home Decor

The rug can be considered as one of the most important aspect in Tuscan décor. Therefore, the Tuscan décor will not be completed without the rug in Tuscan style. If you are looking for the modern Tuscan rug, then you can find many of them nowadays. The design looks simpler with few motifs on it. The main color of reddish also has been changed a little bit into brownish color and creamy color.

Wooden Décor with Tuscan Style

Besides the rug, the wooden furniture is also another thing that you can use as the décor in your modern Tuscan house. The natural looking raw design from the furniture will surely highlight the Tuscan home design of yours. As an addition, this kind of natural wood color will surely match the brownish colored rug, if you have one in your house based on the first point above.

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