Front Door Design Photos

Types of Front Door Design

Front door design can be changed as like as you want. Front door is home face, so door appearance is very important beside its security function. There are many design provided for front door. It is started from classic door until the modern one. Classic front door has various color and types. The design must be suitable with home model or design. Design for modern front door is nicer than classic. It has good look and can be equipped with modern security system.

Modern front door design

Design for modern front door is various. It follows the house architecture style. If your house has a big front yard, the suitable design is using modern design. It used big front door that is equipped with long handle, and layer glass in its door. The color can be adjusted with your home basic paint color.

Front door design for tree house model

Tree house is a house that use tree as model to create home. Home like this is very rare to find. If you have such house design, there is suitable front door design for tree house. A square long door with craft art in the door leaf will make your door united with home design. Single door is enough because it is also equipped with modern security system such as smart lock system and CCTV.

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